Monday, June 30, 2008

Half Moon Bay..

My Mom and I took Baby D to Half Moon Bay on Sunday.. in an effort to get away from the smoke that lingered. Yes we left the smoke.. but got the fog :( So hard to find the Sun right now in Northern California. Baby D slept most of the way down, waking up when we got there ready for lunch. We ate. Then we went out to sit and overlook the ocean, and play on the grass. He really likes to get outside these days, he loves it. 

Learning to blow bubbles (sort of)

(He has 5 teeth now, the one on the right broke through)
Saturday we just hung around the house. With all the fires the air quality has not been great, which leads us to not go out much. Later in the afternoon, as Baby D and I were getting stir crazy we looked outside to see the blue in the sky was showing a bit. I decided we would go out in the backyard to blow some bubbles. 
I tried showing Baby D how to do it, although he wanted to eat the wand instead of blowing on it. He was outfitted in Daddy's hat, which was too big but he thought that was funny. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Big Shoes to Fill ...

Baby D loves to check out Daddy's shoes, yesterday he decided to try them on. All I need two boys in my life in love with shoes. :) Sorry the lighting is so bad, it was night and no natural light to be found. 

Some Favorites Lately..

Baby D is always standing. I love watching his little legs, and feet move with the awkwardness of not quite having his balance. I love seeing him get on his tip-toes to try and reach something. 

here he is about to break in the pots and pans, although his face is saying "huh, I am not doing anything". 

Friday, June 20, 2008

My 9 month OLD!!!!

Time goes to fast. Darrian turned the big 9 months on Saturday!! I can't believe it. How fast he is growing up in front of my eyes. He loves to stand, pull up on things, open and close the kitchen cabniets. He is eating lots of new things, and liking most of them. He is obsessed with wheels and things that spin. He will lean over his stroller to look at the wheels go, and gets upset if they stop. Grandma got him a cool animal train, he really likes it. He tips it over on it's side and spins the wheels. He also figured out if you push down on the inside it sings, so he will stand up and dance to is, then lean over push the inside to get it going again. He makes my day so much brighter.

Getting the music to go..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day

Father's Day was tuff given my Father just passing, but I wanted to make it special for D. It was after all his first father's day, and he had made my Mother's Day special even though it was the first since his mother had passed. It was hard since this is the very first Father's Day I did not spend with my Dad. I never moved away, was always close enough to see him, and it was weird not being able to. I tried to shove all that to the back of my mind and have a good day for D.

We went to the Claremont for brunch, my Mom came with. It was a lovely day out, and we love their brunch. Darrian loved the waffles too! After that we came home and relaxed and later in the evening I cooked a dinner for D that was an ode to my Dad, his favorite steak and mushrooms. They turned out pretty good, and before I went to bed I listened to some of his last messages to me on my phone.. it helps me feel like he is not so far away. D said after that he had a really good day, and was very thankful for his gifts, his day, and his son.

Some pictures.
Waiting for some snacks

Hanging out with Daddy..
The Claremont

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Game Night GTG

Game Night GTG.. 

The Mom's group and I got together for Game Night, at our clubhouse. We had a blast. This group of friends I also feel very lucky to have met and gotten to know. So we got together to play a few games, share some great food, and a lot of laughs.

Here are some pictures of the night, we played Taboo, Pictionary, Spoons, and tried to play another one that did not work out because our group was a little to big.

Kelly brought these to DIE for cupcakes she made.

Sandra brought the perfect chaser :)

We toasted to Amy who had just given birth to a baby Boy.

Sandra has Katie in deep thought..

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday In Sonoma

Took Baby D to Sonoma on Sunday. Figured the weather would be nice --and it was perfect. We went to Chateau St. Jean, and had some snacks on the grass there. It is my favorite winery because it has such pretty grounds, a deli on site (where we got a great anti-pasta plate), and great wine. The scenery is breathtaking, and really.. so close. We are lucky to be in such a pretty place. Went to have lunch poolside at the Fairmont after, Baby D enjoyed looking at the pool, and eating his lunch.. it was a great day, in a great place, with the people I love.