Monday, September 22, 2008

Crazy Busy Weekend..

Crazy Busy Weekend..

Saturday I got up super early to go to the twin's sale at a local church. I didn't find anything I was looking for , and actually most of it was for infants *darn*. After that I ran to safeway to get groceries for a recipe I wanted to try out of Bon Appetit. It was a slow cooker recipe so I went home, and had dinner going at 9 am. I felt so accomplished. That afternoon Baby D and I ran to Target, then we went to play at one of our favorite parks Matteo's Dream in Concord. It has a water mister which D loves, except he loves to stand in direct fire and get soaked. He always has a good time though. Mom came over for dinner, the recipe turned out really good.

Sunday morning we went to a playdate in a park in Martinez, it was a photo gtg. Where the Mom's got together with our camera's and played with them.. tried out new things. There were three new babies, all about 3 mo. old. so cute. After that we headed home to rinse off the dirt from the park, change, and headed out with Grandma to the preview of the Academy of Sciences in SF. I had bought a membership pass for D's birthday. I figure between there and the Oakland Zoo membership we won't be bored on a weekend. The members got a sneak peek of the place. They did an amazing job, and there was lots to see and do. After that we came home and crashed.. super tired.

here are some pictures from our crazy weekend...

D loves to run through the mister with his mouth open :)

A little Peek-a-boo

Super tired after the park

*Some pictures from the Photo GTG*

*Some pictures from our trip the the CA Academy of Science*
The Rainforest :

White Alligator

Penguins (D's favorite part)

This is right in front of the glass, the penguins were swimming right up to him.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Little Landscaper ..

My Little Landscaper...

Baby D hasn't been feeling that great this week. The Teething Gods are back in full affect and not making him feel great. One more tooth broke through on the bottom left, bringing the total to 7 teeth. Now that he can sit with his chair facing forward he sees me when I am getting in the car after work, and says "hi". This week we went to dinner with Jouquin's Mom, so we could let her borrow the portable highchair we have. Baby D wasn't feeling great at all and should have stayed home. Ended up with a mess on our hands that would have scared any non-parent person right out of parenthood.
So after that we have been staying home the rest of the week, laying low. Last night Darrian and I went out back and played with his bubble blowing lawn mower that Debbie got him. He was also sporting the outfit Auntie Dev got him. Honestly, I know he is mine, but how cute is he??

Here are some from last night..

Look at this look! It is the teething Gods I think.. geesh.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The After Party :)

After Party..
After the party we came home and crashed, the boys went to go swim. I got some cute pictures of Devan and Jason with Darrian. He loves being around them. He caught on to Jason's name pretty quick and would call him "A-son". Too cute. He loved having them, and Auntie Natalie stay with us.

Once we got home I put together his anywhere chair for him. He LOVED it. The Mom's had raved about it for their kids, and I thought it was just a chair how much could he love it. I was wrong. He sat in it, climbed in it. K came in and he had his feet kicked up watching cartoons.

One lucky little guy he got LOTS of gift. He likes them all.

1st Birthday Party Part III

Birthday Party Part III Smash cake

Baby D got to try chocolate for the first time in his life at his party, I think he was a fan. We had to dump water on him to get the cake off him after. The talented Kelly M. took this pictures for me with my camera.

The smash cake was melting in the heat

Dancing to Happy Birthday.

Daddy helped him smash , then he went alone.

After the cake baby D opened a gift at the request of Auntie Julie, it was a gift from his godparents, godsisters, Lynda, and Grandma.. a PBK anywhere chair with his name on it!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Darrian's First Birthday Part II

Darrian's First Birthday Party II

Friends and family..

Cousin and Godsister Lily enjoying the day

The boys bbq

Kids having fun with bubbles.

Nephew Devan GQ pose.

Greyson and his balloon..
Ivy the butterfly
Birthday boy and an apple.
Jouquin taking it all in.
Baby D and Autie Natalie.

Lily and Daddy hanging out
Auntie Niki the Tiger :)

Ms. Leila (always dressed SO cute)
Ty and his popcorn :0)
Malia the butterfly
Giggles the clown