Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas..
Saturday we, grandma included took Darrian to see Santa. Waited in line for an hour. Got to Santa. D Screamed.. hated him. I was shocked because Darrian doesn't cry with many at all. He is pretty outgoing guy. He was not happy. I paid $17.00 for a screaming picture of Darrian with Santa.

From there we went to get a Christmas Tree, went home and started decorating. Darrian likes the tree, maybe a little too much. :) So we are all set, Shopping is pretty much done.. just waiting for Santa to come.

Picking out a tree..


He took it pretty seriously..


My table decor..


Tree with lights..







A fun day off..

We met some Mom's and friends at Superfranks in Pleasanton for play time. It is a really fun place during the week, on the weekend most of the "fun areas" are closed for private birthday parties. They have a area upstairs with a bunch of ride on toys for the kids, train tables, and small buildings to play dress up in. Darrian had a blast. He loves inneracting with other children. They also have a gym downstairs that they just put big mats in, cars you can ride around, and balls.. D loved that. We enjoyed a nice lunch in their cafe with friends.. and then headed to target to get some stuff. That afternoon I decorated the house.

Finally, that night Grandma and I took Darrian to look at Christmas lights. D wore his pjs, we got hot chocolate, he had milk, and we drove around checking out all the lights. He lasted about 10 houses then was alseep. It was fun.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Children's Museum

This past weekend Grandma and I took Darrian to the Children's Discovery Museum. I have heard great things about this hands on place, and have been wanting to check it out. I wish it was closer because Darrian had a wonderful time. I had heard the Mom's talk about the water table at this place, and how the kids get wet. So me being the responsible Mom packed a change of shirt, and sweater for Darrian. They have little aprons the kids can wear so really how bad can it be? Um, I knew I was under prepared when the Mom next to us changed her kid into swim trunks, and water shoes. Then another comes with rain boots. Needless to say Darrian was soaked!! Shirt, pants, socks, shoes.. all of it. He played for about a half an hour or more having a blast so it was worth it. We thought the gift shop would sell outfits, seeing this as a money making chance... no go. They were nice enough to give us free passes to come back and check everything out. We had to go to Valley Fair to get Darrian a outfit and some socks.

Darrian and Daddy

..Darrian and Daddy..

Darrian and Daddy have a very special relationship. Darrian for sure loves his daddy, it is really cute, Darrian will give me kisses...but whenEVER Keith picks him up or goes near him he gets a kiss. He loves to play with Daddy, and especially loves when Daddy throws him in the air and catches him. (grandma doesn't love this). I took some pictures of Daddy and his Little Man.

Bath Time.

Bath Time fun..

It has been a while since I took D's picture taking the bath. He LOVES the bath. Honestly will cry if we try to take him out, even if it is cold, and he is a prune.. he doesn't want to leave. Last night I gave him mash potato's and he decided to use it as hair conditioner, which landed him in the bath. He loved it, hope he didn't make the connection food in hair= bath. Then we are in trouble.

I am sure he will thank me for this someday! but it is so cute not to!

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving weekend Recap!

Hope you all had a wonderful Turkey day. We had a great weekend/day. I made the stuffing, ham, macaroni and cheese, pumpkin bars, brownies, and warmed the turkey. K cooked a bit and Devyn brought her well known greens. Mom supplied drinks, turkey,and appetizers. It is this group effort that really makes it easy on us. Natalie came into town with her sister, nephew, and her sister's fiance. They braved a VERY long car ride from LA to surprise their Mom with Thanksgiving dinner.

Friday Natalie, my friend Katie, and I door busted at 5:00 am. Hitting up lots of stores, and many sales. I got most of my items on my list and I am almost done shopping. It is a light year, but I was glad to grab some deals. Saturday I took Darrian to the park to play, then headed home and went to Berkeley with Natalie and Family. Berkeley is the same, lots of people watching, lots of things to look at.. and more shopping to be done. Sunday Natalie headed home, and we headed to Chris and Julie to see them and the girls who were fresh in from their trip to FL. It was a perfect ending to a long weekend. I took some pictures, not as many as I normally do.

The Ever growing Ms. Lily.

Place we went to in Berkeley on College Ave.

Natalie's Mom, Nat, and Her Mom's BF

Nat's nephew Tomas.. I still remember this kid when he was a baby! It is crazy to think he is almost 13!

Can't stop on College and not get Zachary's

The Family

and of course the cutest kid ever at the park :)

Playing with the musical instruments.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Monday..

Happy Monday!

Wasn't the weather amazing this weekend?! Couldn't believe how nice it was. Natalie was in town this weekend for some business, and some fun. Keith went to LA to go visit his nephews this weekend. So it was the ladies and baby D. Grandma watched Darrian on Friday, he kept her on her toes. Friday Night we ordered pizza and watched some movies. Saturday we got out pretty early.. we went to Muir Woods, Marine Headlands, and Chrissy Field. We tried to hit up the places Natalie has never been. Amazes me when people have lived here for a long time, or visit often and don't get to see some of the amazing places the bay area has to offer. . Darrian loved having Auntie Nat around to play with, and bond with. He wanted her to hold him lots.