Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Monday..

Happy Monday!

Wasn't the weather amazing this weekend?! Couldn't believe how nice it was. Natalie was in town this weekend for some business, and some fun. Keith went to LA to go visit his nephews this weekend. So it was the ladies and baby D. Grandma watched Darrian on Friday, he kept her on her toes. Friday Night we ordered pizza and watched some movies. Saturday we got out pretty early.. we went to Muir Woods, Marine Headlands, and Chrissy Field. We tried to hit up the places Natalie has never been. Amazes me when people have lived here for a long time, or visit often and don't get to see some of the amazing places the bay area has to offer. . Darrian loved having Auntie Nat around to play with, and bond with. He wanted her to hold him lots.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 4, 2008

Dear Son,
November 4, 2008 was a night that your father and I restored our hope in America. It gave us hope not only for our future, but for yours also. On that night, as you danced around the living room, we took the biggest step in my lifetime as a country. The majority of American’s voted on the dream that the country was built on, and not the racism that has plagued it for the past 200 plus years. We took a chance on hope and change, and won. We elected a black man as President of the United states.

I am glad to know that this means when I tell you anything is possible, you can believe it. I hope that it means that in your lifetime it will not be out of the ordinary to have a black person as a role model for you to look up to. Most of all I hope you dream big, and achieve all that you put your mind to. I hope that the country that I lived in that was set up to make it harder for people not from a certain class or race, is full of nothing but promise for you. If I learned anything from this moment in time-- it is to rise above those who say it is not possible, or who try to pull you down, and really truly believe in the power of change and hope-- because those things are unstoppable.

I am proud of what your Grandma did in her generation to make this possible, and I am proud of my generation for continuing the change America needs. I look forward to see what you, and your generation does for America and how you will make it better. Never doubt your voice, always know that it is worth something. I will always be there to support you in your dreams. And again.. Dream big. Real BIG.

Love always and forever,

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall is Here.

I know it has been here, but the leaves are changing and it is brisk out. Not to mention the time change.

Sunday was a great day. The three of us hung around in the morning, Darrian took a nice long bubble bath, then we took a nap together. Darrian and I got lunch together then, we then went shopping together, to H&M and then Target.

After that we went to the park, To walk around a bit, and D tried out a brand new trick! Running! He was off. I was trying to keep up. Of course I got pictures of all of it. The walking thing was fun but this running thing.. not so sure.

The Way We Roll ..

The new way we roll..
April a fellow Mom, has been raving about the push buggy she got her son forever. I wanted to get one for D, but they are $50.00 and I didn't want to spend that not knowing how long it would last. I have been on craigslist looking for one. Everytime I found one... it would be sold when I checked on it. FINALLY last week I found one for $15.00 and called... and it was available!! I picked it up, and also found D a slide/climber for $40.00! $160 worth of stuff for $55.00, I was very happy.
We took the car out for a spin and it did not disappoint. He LOVES it. honestly we went on a walk and got back and he cried.. so we went again. lots of fun. He was steering the wheel, honking, grooving in his seat.

An educated Supporter..

An Educated Supporter...
My friend made this shirt and I had to get one for D. He looked real cute sporting it. Today we went as a family to vote this morning. D was most likely wondering why all these people were standing in line for a sticker. He said hi to lots of people, then bye. Happy Election Day! Get out there and Vote!

Baby D's 1 year Pics ..

D's One year Photo's ..

I got the CD of D's 12 mo. pictures , I have a few favorites I wanted to share.. all pictures by Kelly Marie Photography

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween GTG

I took friday off to spend with D, we were headed up to my cousin's house for halloween.. before going we went to a GTG with some local mommy friends. It was so nice to see old friends, and some new ones. It was going to be in a park, but Katie was nice enough to open up her home.

Here are some pics from the day: