Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 4, 2008

Dear Son,
November 4, 2008 was a night that your father and I restored our hope in America. It gave us hope not only for our future, but for yours also. On that night, as you danced around the living room, we took the biggest step in my lifetime as a country. The majority of American’s voted on the dream that the country was built on, and not the racism that has plagued it for the past 200 plus years. We took a chance on hope and change, and won. We elected a black man as President of the United states.

I am glad to know that this means when I tell you anything is possible, you can believe it. I hope that it means that in your lifetime it will not be out of the ordinary to have a black person as a role model for you to look up to. Most of all I hope you dream big, and achieve all that you put your mind to. I hope that the country that I lived in that was set up to make it harder for people not from a certain class or race, is full of nothing but promise for you. If I learned anything from this moment in time-- it is to rise above those who say it is not possible, or who try to pull you down, and really truly believe in the power of change and hope-- because those things are unstoppable.

I am proud of what your Grandma did in her generation to make this possible, and I am proud of my generation for continuing the change America needs. I look forward to see what you, and your generation does for America and how you will make it better. Never doubt your voice, always know that it is worth something. I will always be there to support you in your dreams. And again.. Dream big. Real BIG.

Love always and forever,

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