Monday, November 10, 2008

The Way We Roll ..

The new way we roll..
April a fellow Mom, has been raving about the push buggy she got her son forever. I wanted to get one for D, but they are $50.00 and I didn't want to spend that not knowing how long it would last. I have been on craigslist looking for one. Everytime I found one... it would be sold when I checked on it. FINALLY last week I found one for $15.00 and called... and it was available!! I picked it up, and also found D a slide/climber for $40.00! $160 worth of stuff for $55.00, I was very happy.
We took the car out for a spin and it did not disappoint. He LOVES it. honestly we went on a walk and got back and he cried.. so we went again. lots of fun. He was steering the wheel, honking, grooving in his seat.

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