Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Monday..

Happy Monday!

Wasn't the weather amazing this weekend?! Couldn't believe how nice it was. Natalie was in town this weekend for some business, and some fun. Keith went to LA to go visit his nephews this weekend. So it was the ladies and baby D. Grandma watched Darrian on Friday, he kept her on her toes. Friday Night we ordered pizza and watched some movies. Saturday we got out pretty early.. we went to Muir Woods, Marine Headlands, and Chrissy Field. We tried to hit up the places Natalie has never been. Amazes me when people have lived here for a long time, or visit often and don't get to see some of the amazing places the bay area has to offer. . Darrian loved having Auntie Nat around to play with, and bond with. He wanted her to hold him lots.

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