Monday, September 15, 2008

Darrian's first birthday..

Darrian's First Birthday..

After lots of planning and lots of anticipation Darrian's firt birthday was here. I feel like it came so fast, and like everything else it went by really quickly. We could NOT have done it without my frirends and family. Big and small this was a group effort. Julie made the great salads, Natalie and Niki picking up things at Target, Natalie running late to get more bread for the sandwiches, Devyn for picking up the popcorn, Mom for finding the bins and blankets, everyone for helping set up.. it goes on and on. I think the efforts showed, and a great party was given. We got lots of compliments on the decor, even from strangers as we were setting up. Finally what would a party be without people you care and love being there to share it.. from LA, all over the N. Ca, and kid's breaking nap schedules to be there. It meant a lot.

I am going to post in few post because I have lots of pictures. I am going to try and do details in this one and then smash in another.

(the Cake that I LOVED)
(we got bins with blankets for those who wanted to sit on the grass, and then one with toys, balls)

(popcorn bins and bags were a hit)
(a table shot, of the centerpieces. Balloons coming out of vases weighed down by candy, a custom sticker on them, and then pictures of D. )
(the cake I loved, I think I took a MILLION pics of it)

(favors with custom stickers, animal crackers)
(close up of vase)

(the kids Lunch bags)


Gummy Mommy said...

What a FUN and gorgeous party!! The details are amazing.. You're quite the party planner!! WOW.. F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C!!!
And it looks like D. had such a great time.. Good job momma!! And congrats on your 1st year of mommyhood!!!

Gummy Mommy said...

Michelle.. when you have sometime.. could you email me about that fabulous cake!!! Where did you get it..? I was going to do a plain joe cake for Rodri, but now I'm wondering if I can accomplish something THIS cute (affordably though)

JRichard said...

Hi. The party looks like a blast. Do you mind emailing me about how your worked with the picture download from I am having a really hard time trying to figure out how you separated the different animals to print them out as on the favor boxes. I downloaded them and am using Microsoft Digital Image Starter edition. The pictures are so close together on the download I have no way to separate them out so I can punch them out. Make sense? I appreciate your help. Thanks

lisalyn said...

I just did a circus party post on my blog and included pictures from your party with a link back. I hope that is ok. Thanks for sharing your very cute party!! :)

Crystal Johnson said...

I used your son's party as an inspiration for my sweet Ben's 1st. I wanted to let you know I gave you a shout out on our family blog. Thanks for such great ideas!