Friday, May 23, 2008

Another Zoo Trip

It was trying to be sunny outside, but the fires were preventing that.

The group, notice my child enjoying his stroller, I swear I feed him.

It has been several months since the last time we visited the zoo, Baby D has grown so much since then. He still was not very interested in the animals, mainly just enjoyed being outside and hanging out with some kids his age. I was excited to meet new Mom's, see some old friends, and see the animals. I am looking forward to Baby D actually seeing, and enjoying the animals soon.

Checking out someones toy..
Mason running around..
Trying on a hat..
Joaquin, dressed for the zoo..
Mason taking it all in.. or as his shirt said.. chillen :)

Proof I feed him!
A husband came along with one of the Mom's and was super Dad.

Cooper checking it all out.
J trying on his hat and loving it.

Yea right with all the kids that were there, quiet was not happening!
J enjoying the ride with his feet kicked up..
Mr. Cuteness.

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