Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wine filled weekend

On Sunday we had a good day... Although Baby D was on the go most of the day, which made nap time hard by the end of the day he was tired. He spent time with his cousin Devan, then we went to the Clayton Art and Wine festival, then we went over to Auntie Niki's Mom's house for her birthday celebration! Niki's Mom has made Pozole every year for Niki's birthday for the past twenty years I can remember.. good stuff!


Gummy Mommy said...

OMG.. Did you say POZOLE!! yummmmm
seriously.. some good yummy stuff! :) What a fun weekend!

Erica Berger said...
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Erica Berger said...

You are quite the photographer - good job. I love your stuff!!!

He is quite the subject!!!