Monday, August 11, 2008

Grandma's Birthday in Mexico..

Wednesday we woke up and sang happy birthday to Mom, gave her our cards, I had gotten us tickets to the fiesta that night for her gift. So after the cards, we headed down to breakfast. Darrian was a bit bored after breakfast so him and Dad went to play around the resort and we took him to the beach later. Then we went to the fiesta that night.

A walk around the grounds that Morning. The weather was tropical sort of like Flordia this time of year. Not as hot all days, but overnight it would thunder a couple times (I never heard any but Mom and K did), then in the day be pretty ..
Flamingos and black swans from the resort...

A gazebo on the grounds
D playing at breakfast with Daddy..

The beach later..

We surprised Mom with these before the fiesta..
D eating my camera lens, the fiesta was open bar, food, and lots of dancers. A couple of the waiters had Mom and DH taking shots of Tequila.

The dancers.. they were amazing.

After they had a few fireworks on the beach.. it was a good day.

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Kelli said...

What an awesome trip and great photos! How special that you were able to celebrate your mom's birthday with her in Mexico! I love that idea!