Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby D's Baptism

Baby D's Baptism

Baby D's baptism was on Saturday. Lots of planning of it came together into a really nice day. We had to take a class, along with Chris and Julie to "prepare" but it didn't go over much of what would happen on the actual day. I was a bit nervous about that but all together I think it went well. He is baptized and Chris and Julie are his godparents. I really liked how the father explained what baptism is, and how it is more the introduction of a community and a faith.. and that although Baby D doesn't know he is participating knowingly he does give and take from it. Much how a child gives and takes love without knowing. I am paraphrasing here, but it was nice.
It meant a lot to us to have friends and family there to support Baby D on his special day. Natalie surprised us with a visit from LA, Mike and Liz coming from Tracy, Chris and Julie from Stockton, Gemma from Roseville.. it means a lot. As I was looking back on the day I realized how long I have known these people.. at the least amount 10 years. Most closer to 15-20 range if not my whole life. A relationship of any sort takes time and effort, and I am proud of what these efforts have turned into. It was also neat that Baby D baptism was in the same place I was baptized about 28 years ago..
Okay enough of my thoughts.. I took Friday to prepare..
I ran to the flower shop to get some fresh flowers, My friend brought the cake by, I made the bouquets and we cleaned up (okay okay D cleaned up, whatever) . We decided to have food delivered since everyone would be coming back at once and I am really glad we did. I was worried about how Baby D would be since he cut his first tooth on Friday and the second one was on it's way.. but as always he was perfect. We got to the chapel and everything ran smoothly..

My attempt at floral arrangements..

The Cake...

AWWW.. MR. BABY D.. in a little suit..

Blessing of the water..
The baptism..

The Presentation..

Safe back with Auntie Natalie..
Auntie Natalie and Auntie Niki.. I have known these sisters since I was 5 years old, Natalie was two. I can only hope Baby D will have friends like this someday..

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