Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A tale of that Crinkle sound

A Tale of That Crinkle Sound..
(and a semi-mobile baby)

Baby D loves the crinkle sound that you get from playing with plastic bags. He has a couple toys and books that make this sound and he will sit there and Crinkle it for what feels like forever!
I had him on the carpet in our room on Saturday morning. He is becoming more "mobile", he will get up on all four from time to time and rock back and fourth, and he will inch his way to something he wants. As happy as I am that he is developing great, oh I am not ready for crawling!
Here is proof. He manages to find a plastic bag I have near my bed that had some pictures in it. He pulled it to dump the contents and then continued to play with the bag for 20 min. Don't worry I was there to watched him (and take a bunch of pictures).

Him noticing that I am taking pictures of him.

his "STOP or I will eat your camera".
He thought that was pretty funny...

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