Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby D's World is changing..

The newest thing in our world right now is Baby D's ability to sit up on his own a lot better, I don't think he has mastered it on the hardwood yet. He will sit for about 4-5 mins before starting to tip.

However since he is able to sit on his own that opens up a whole new world when we go out. For him and for me... He can not sit in a highchair when we go out to eat, he started that on 3/18. We were at a Chinese food place with my Mom and he started to fuss in his car seat.. so I thought why not try the highchair.. and it worked. Then over the weekend I thought I would try shopping carts since putting the infant carrier makes them top heavy, and at TJ's you can't even fit it in the top, which means no room from groceries. He did great and seemed to enjoy the ride, and being able to look at everything. Then over the weekend I put him in the stroller facing out so he could sit up not be so strapped down like the carrier. . I , of course, have been snapping pictures on my phone.

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